Confluence Capital Group, Inc. (CCG) is the Pacific Northwest's premier full-service provider of investment banking services, including mergers & acquisitions, capital raising, and advisory services to lower and middle market growth companies with typical check sizes of 2M to 50M.


Our Services

Sourcing Capital: Growth and expansion, strategic acquisitions, buying out a partner, funding a turnaround, recapitalization

Sell Side M&A: Sale of a business, recapitalization, shareholder buyout

Buy Side M&A: Acquisition search, acquisition financing, consolidation strategies

Consulting: Valuation, exit strategy, value enhancement, capital and strategic planning


What are the private capital markets?

Understanding private equity, venture funds, family funds, and the type of capital or debt they can provide

Why use an investment banker?

Experienced executives understand that getting capital injected quickly at a fair price is the fastest way to grow

What is growth capital?

When a company is having double digit growth, banks are not able to provide the supportive capital for growth


Commercial banker vs investment banker

Commercial bankers have a finite group of solutions,  investment bankers repertoire is much more vast 

If not from VC’s where do funds come from?

Under 5% of all mid market businesses are funded by venture capital. Learn how the rest of business raise funds

What's the process and how long does it take to raise capital?

Having a comprehensive capital strategy stops companies from needing urgent capital.  Find out typical timelines in this video

"When you are running a company, it's difficult to completely get out of the saddle and just focus on raising capital. That's why we used the Confluence Capital Group"

— Edward Collins