We typically help companies raise capital that are profitable and have Ebita's from 700k-5M+. We also provide capital strategy and consulting to help companies below that level reach the point where they are a candidate for funding


Category 1

Profitable with Ebita of 700k+ 

Category 2

Profitable but under 700K ebita



Services & Advisory

We work with organizations and executive teams that have a variety of experience in both running companies and raising capital. We help companies understand the market and get their businesses in order so that they can raise the capital to take their businesses to the next level.  We find seasoned executives love working with us because they get to spend time strategically growing their company vs. constantly trying to raise additional capital. 


Raising Capital

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Growth Consulting

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Are You Ready To Raise Capital?

Do you have enough traction? Is it scaleable? Do you have everything ready for the right investors to say yes?


Growth Capital

Expanding and need capital to take advantage of new opportunities? Our goal is to get you capital at a fair price, allowing you to put it to work right away


Due Diligence Ready?

Many mid-market companies are not prepared for an investor to review their financials? If not, that's ok. We get all the documents needed in a data room that makes it easy to review


Capital Consulting

Whether this is your first time or 10th time raising capital, it's helpful to have and expert on your team to make sure you achieve your goals

Owner Cash Out Capital

Profitable and want to take 7 figures out of your business while not impacting the companies cash flow? We do this all the time


Market Analysis and Data

Understanding the full scope of your market and who is investing in your space. Get comprehensive data to get insights as it pertains to capital markets