Our firm primarily focuses on clients needing growth capital and recapitalization through
private placements. We also specialize in helping companies with acquisitions and assist
in selling their businesses


Growth Capital (explanation with video)

Partner buyout

Strategic or financial acquisition


Strategic capital planning

Funding a turnaround

Shareholder buyout

Stake Holder Withdrawing funds





Misconceptions about the capital markets

Private capital is typically a mystery to many organizations and don't know what is available

Why do companies often fail at raising capital?

Learn about the 3 core reasons that stop healthy companies from ataining the capital they need

Market based lenders. When and how should you use them?

Market based lenders can be ok for short term capital, but they are not replace raising strategic capital


How do you buy out a partner without financially straining the company?

Buying out a partner often commits a large amount of cash reserves that could otherwise be growing the business.  Learn about the pitfalls to avoid and how to keep your reserves healthy through this process

How to get the right capital at a fair price, and put it to work immediately

If injecting capital immediately into the company allows you to take advantage of large financial opportunities, stop negotiating over insignificant issues and get the deal done.  Get a fair price on the capital and start benefiting from the siezed opportunity 

Acquiring companies without spending all your cash reserves

Is one of your strategies for growth acquisition? Learn how to acquire additional companies without depleting your core company's capital